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Compact Package Sewage Treatment Plants WPL Diamond in France Micro Station D'epuration.

WPL Sewage Treatment Plants in FranceWe are proud to be distributors for WPL sewage treatment systems in France.

WPL manufacture compact package sewage treatment plants ready to fit straight into the ground without the need of a sand filter. WPL is an ISO9001 approved company which produces high quality sewage treatment products at affordable prices. The Diamond sewage treatment plants have been approved in Germany by the PIA GmbH testing lab. to conform to the new NF EN 12566-3 directive for sewage treatment plants in Europe and all Diamond sewage treatment plants are delivered with a certificate of conformity.

Our plants have no moving parts inside to get clogged up, no metallic parts to corrode and are often specified to replace competitor products which have CE markings but fail after just over a years service!

WPL has over 16 years experience in the sector of sewage treatment and currently has an impressive portfolio of the UK's major water utilities and deals with all areas of the commercial sector as well as domestic sewage treatment solutions.

WPLs' focus on ecology, coupled with it's extensive research and development program has enabled it to far exceed all existing and proposed sewage discharge consent standards enforced by bodies such as the Environment Agency and SEPA among others.

Compact sewage treatment plant delivery in FranceThe Diamond range of compact sewage treatment plants including DMS and DMC are all CE approved and certified to NF EN 12566-3 meaning that they are approved for installation in all European countries including France.

The WPL Diamond range can cater for 1-55 person habitations and the HIPAF range has modular elements which permit it to be scaled up to thousands of habitants and are frequently used for Golf Courses, camp sites, motorway service areas, hotels and entire housing developments. The HIPAF range is the most suitable system for highly sensitive environments due to it's extremely efficient sewage treatment process..

Compact Sewage Treatment Plant Delivery 5 to 10 days for DMS2 to DMS5 Micro stations d'epuration anywhere in mainland France and Corsica!

Use the following links to view sewage treatment plants that meet your requirements:

WPL compact sewage treatment plants in France for 1-20 people

WPL HiPAF sewage treatment plants in France for upto 60 people

WPL HiPAF sewage treatment plants in France for 60-250 people

In some cases 5.5% TVA is aplicable for a micro station d'épuration, by the installer only, not the distributor of the micro station d'épuration. Please ask your installer for advice on TVA at 5.5%

For an explanation on the French TVA rules in English please see this useful article about France TVA Tax 5.5%

If you are an installer of septic tanks or micro stations d'épuration please contact us for trade prices.

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